Aesthetic Archaeology – 3000.30.B.C.AE (2022)

Digital CG video, 4K, color, sound, 00:07:00 , 2022

The Aesthetic Archaeology series places research-based content within a virtual space that is a composite space presenting the analytical results of aesthetic archaeology as well as visual material, combining both technicality and artistry. The artist presents the elements through the walls of the space as well as through the central space. On the walls, an AI trained by the artist reinterprets the art and aesthetics of the period in a technological way, while the center of the space presents the visual expression of the elements derived from a systematic analysis. In “Aesthetic Archaeology – 3000.30.B.C.AE”, Ancient Egyptian art is the object of the artist’s exploration. The most important art forms of the period, such as pyramids, temples, reliefs, etc., as well as written symbols, have been classified and systematically analyzed by the artist and re-presented in a virtual digital space.