Aesthetic Archaeology – 30000.2500.B.C.SA (2022)

Digital CG video, 4K, color, sound, 00:00:20 , 2022

As the first work in the Aesthetic Archaeology series, WMD Collective retraces the history of art and aesthetics, starting the series with the first period of art history – the Stone Age. Through a systematic analysis of key elements of the Stone Age, the artist combines conceptual digital forms to present the artistic form of the period. The Aesthetic Archaeology series places the research content in a virtual space that presents the results of the aesthetic archaeology analysis and visual materials in a composite space that combines technical and artistic aspects. The artist presents the elements through the walls of the space as well as through the central space. On the walls, an AI trained by the artist reinterprets the art and aesthetics of the period in a technological way, while the center of the space presents the visual expression of elements derived from a systematic analysis.